Eek! The Bikini-Friendly Guide To Miami Hair Removal

When it comes to body maintenance, hair removal is right up there with spin class... in that we’d rather get it out of the way. But, like spinning, you cannot argue with the results. While waxing, threading, and laser hair removal are no one’s favorite spa treatments, there’s nothing like professionally smoothed skin. That, plus the stubble-free weeks without shaving, and we think it’s worth a little wincing every now and then.
In a city of year-round bikini season, we’re not lacking for hair removal experts. Still, when it comes to this kind of treatment, you want the best — and by that we mean clean, precise, and gentle. Enter: our round up our favorite hair removal salons in the Miami area — each salon and spa is guaranteed to get you smooth and beach-ready, fast...well, faster than spin class, anyway.
Photo: Courtesy UNI K Wax Center
There’s a reason waxing is the standard method of hair removal: It works. Yes, it stings, but so does running into the ocean to discover a case of surprise razor burn.
Our top pick for getting waxed in Miami is Wonderskin — what makes it so different is its strip-less, European waxing technique. Considered by most to be gentler than traditional waxing, this process leaves behind zero strays and keeps you smoother longer. Let’s face it – you don’t really want to do this again any sooner than you have to.
Wonderskin, 6651 South Dixie Highway, Miami; 305-666-6222
Runners Up:
Lace Beauty Lab, 500 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach; 305-532-0190
ABB Waxing, 6815 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami; 305-756-7794
UNI K Wax Center, multiple locations; 1-888-UNIKWAX
Photo: Courtesy UNI K Wax Center
Waxing is great for body hair, but for the face you can’t beat threading. This ancient technique targets each individual follicle, which means bye-bye to freakishly arched brow shapes, and no pulling any more hairs than you need. The main benefit though, is no hot wax or chemicals on your skin. Waxing strips off more than just hair, and while your body can take it, the exposed skin of your face is more susceptible to blemish and infection-causing bacteria. Nothing shows off your brows like a facial infection!
SkinGeeks are our top pick, not only for their wide array of threading (and more) services, but also for their owner, Adriana La Marca. As a former educator in the skin care field, her devotion to proper skin care is evident in the maintenance of her spa and professionalism of her staff. We know it’s a little bit out of the way, but when you walk through the door, your face will be in good hands.
SkinGeeks, 2632 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood; 786-999-2035
Runners Up:
Brownes & Co., 87 Northeast 40th Street, Miami; 305-538-7544
Anarkali Salon, 18793 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura; 305-933-4393
Photo: Courtesy SkinGeeks
Laser Hair Removal
Waxing and threading each have their pros and cons, but one particular con in common – the hair grows back. Laser hair removal is the most safe and common form of permanent hair removal. Still, it’s not exactly painless, nor is it cheap. Lasering takes commitment and cash. The process requires four to six sessions about four weeks apart. Plus, an annual maintenance treatment is recommended to keep you smooth. So, yeah, you really have to want to stop shaving. (Uh, we do.) If you’re going to take the plunge, make sure the place is top notch; It’s very low-risk, but any medical procedure is worth more than a cursory Yelping.
Emena Spa is one of our favorite Miami venues for laser hair removal. Both the treatment rooms and waiting area are clean and inviting – very comforting to a novice. The spa offers decent packages that allow you to sample an array of services like Power Plate workouts. Most importantly, Emena boasts a large number of loyal followers – and there’s no better referral than that.
Emena Spa,180 NE 39th Street, Miami; 305-438-3777
Runners Up:
Lasoderm: Dadeland Medical Building, 7400 N Kendall Drive, Miami; 305-284-8091
Body Details: 3309 Ponce De Leon, Miami; 866-332-2639
Photo: Courtesy Emena Spa

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