6 Daring Date Ideas You'll Go Wild For

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 21.]
Although some people's idea of a dream eve out is a crazy gourmet meal at Bouchon, we're looking for something a bit more left of center to knock our socks off. And, you know, sometimes we don't even know what we want (even though you'd never catch us admitting it!).
So, to conquer that panicked indecision the next time we all get a text to the effect of, "What's up for Saturday," we've formulated some tried-and-tested excursions for a truly novel night out. From stargazing in Griffith Park to biking on the Boardwalk, these ideas are the epitome of cool courtship, and the building blocks of a sweet love story (think rehearsal-dinner fodder, ha!). Follow our lead, and we'll promise you this: By the time the goodnight kiss rolls around, you'll have way more to remember than just a hot make-out sesh.
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The Malibu Rendezvous

Soak Up Some Beachside Sun
Put together a beach day playlist, pack your speakers, SPF (burns are so not sexy), and even some dominoes for a day of basking in the rays at Point Dume. This beach is one of our faves because there's very little parking, which means it's unlikely that a noisy family will plop their towels two feet from you, ruining the moment (don't you hate it when that happens?). Also, the stone cliffs have a such a nostalgic vibe — you'll feel like you're in a land that time forgot.
Point Dume, 7401 Birdview Avenue (Near Cliffside Drive); 310-457-8143.

Guzzle A Pear Margarita
After a day of lounging in the heat, what could be more refreshing than a strong, magenta-colored cocktail? Café Habana in the Country Mart is a great stop for al fresco drinks, and you can even browse around the multitude of shops after catching a nice buzz.
Café Habana, 3939 Cross Creek Road (Near Malibu Canyon Road) 310-317-0300.

Eat At An Underground Malibu Farm
This gourmet feast in a super-intimate backyard of the 'Bu is unforgettable, and accordingly, tickets sell out faster than a Maserati racing down PCH. It's all organic, and you'll see a pet pig and lots of little chickadees (all with names) running around, but that doesn't mean they're afraid to serve up meat! The last batch of dinners for a bit will be June 23rd and 24th (they're going under construction), and tickets will go on sale for those events on the first of the month. Wake up early and book — seriously, this is beyond special.
The Malibu Farm; Address provided upon ticket purchase/RSVP.

Groove To Some Tunes
If you still have the stamina and feel like a wild night, the Malibu Inn has concerts all summer long. Go ahead and get rowdy!
Malibu Inn, 22969 Pacific Coast Highway (Near Serra Road); 310-456-1160.

Photos: Via Malibu Tourism, Café Habana, Malibu Farm, Malibu Inn
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The Los Feliz Fête For Two

Go On A Horseback Ride In Griffith Park
Sunset Ranch is famous for its one-hour pony tours to the Hollywood sign (recently voted one of the most romantic activities in L.A.) — and it's just rad to be up in the mountains, trotting above the city as the sun descends. Bonus: You'll find out how he or she rides, hee!
Sunset Ranch, 3400 North Beachwood Drive (Near Hollyridge Drive); 323-469-5450.

Look At The Stars Through Crazy Telescopes
This L.A. landmark is really cool to explore, and if you happen to go on a smogless eve, the telescopes afford you awe-inspiring views of the galaxy. Get all starry-eyed while you stargaze!
Griffith Park Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Avenue (Near Vermont Canyon Road); 213-473-0800.

Eat Fresh At A Farmer's Market
This nighttime farmer's market is our Eastside jam! Sink your teeth into amazingly fresh tacos, and we highly recommend stocking up on gooey pluots (a hybrid between an apricot and a plum) for the week ahead — we're talking other-worldly flavor, here.
Yamashiro Farmer's Market, 1999 North Sycamore Avenue (Near Fitch Drive); 323-466-5125.

Grab A Late-Night Cocktail And Sweets
Snatch a teeny tiny table at this sidewalk eatery, order a pain au chocolat (or some other French delight), and propose a toast to what an amazing evening you've just enjoyed!
Figaro Bistrot, 1802 North Vermont Avenue (Near Franklin Avenue); 323-662-1587.

Photos: Via Sunset Ranch, The Griffith Observatory, Yamashiro, Figaro Bistrot
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The Outdoorsy Adventure

Pick Up A Picnic
We're sure you're clued in by now that Clementine is just about as charming and delish as it gets. But did you know that they'll pack up your fave treats (Build-Your-Own Grilled Cheese, Fresh Ginger Limeade, and those chocolate chip cookies, mmm) in a chic roadie basket?
Clementine, 1751 Ensley Avenue (Near Santa Monica Boulevard); 310-552-1080.

Hike And Dine In Temescal Canyon
Stash your picnic in a cooler, and hoof it up what's been dubbed "heartbreak hill." The hiking trail isn't for the faint of heart (or lungs), but you're rewarded at the top with breathtaking 360 degree Pacific and skyline views (prime smooch territory, if you ask us). Now that you've worked up an appetite, sprawl out on the grassy knoll with a cozy blanket, and nosh on your yummy treats.
Temescal Gateway Park, 15601 Sunset Boulevard (Near Temescal Canyon Road).

Sip Tequila At A New Mexi Resto
You may have just taken a post-feast snooze in the sun at Temescal, but kick it back up a notch at new Malibu Mexican hotspot, La Costa Mission. Since you can't bring booze into the public park, you may be feeling another kind of thirsty at this point! If you feel like sticking with the ginger theme, they have a margarita flavored with the root that's to live for. And should your tummy start grumbling again, the Carne Asada is the most tender in town (be sure to order triple the tortillas, though).
La Costa Mission, 21337 Pacific Coast Highway (Near Rambla Vista); 310-317-0110.

Photos: Via Clementine, Temescal, and La Costa Mission
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The Downtown Day-To-Night Date

Peep Some Art
Strolling through a gallery sharing your thoughts on art is a fun way to dig deep. Let your imagination run wild at MOCA, with its latest display: The Painting Factory, Abstraction After Warhol (open through August 20).
MOCA, 250 South Grand Avenue (Near West Third Street); 213-626-6222.

Share Small Plates At A Local Fave
Baco Mercat has been tops on our list of downtown restos lately. Order a Gin-Pop!, which is mixed with soda made right behind their groovy bar. As far as eats, it's fun to be adventurous and go out on a limb with your order (Pulled Confit Goose Leg, anyone?). There's nothing like interesting food and a few yummy drinks to spark lively convo.
Baco Mercat, 408 South Main Street (Near 4th Street); 213-687-8808.

Catch A Caffeine Buzz
Remember what Patti Stanger said about the two-drink rule? Well, if you broke it, here's your chance to reverse the tipsy factor, ha! Sober up after those stiff drinks with Handsome Coffee's bold brews (it's bustling at all hours of the night).
Handsome Coffee, 582 Mateo Street (At Willow Street); 213-621-4194.

Photos: Via MOCA, Baco Mercat, Handsome Coffee; Art: Julie Mehretu, Black City 2007, Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
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The Beachy Keen Eve

Bike On The Boardwalk
Get some exercise and have a laugh taking in the wacky people and cool vendors on this stretch along the Pacific. Bike Curious Rentals even has tandem cruisers if you feel like being extra cutesy (don't forget to pack your camera, of course!).
Venice Boardwalk, 1800 Ocean Front Walk (Near 17th Avenue); 310-396-6764.
Bike Curious Rentals 34 Windward Avenue (Near Speedway); 310-396-1166.

Hit The Pavement For First Fridays
This street-side soirée is the epitome of summer, and you could even invite some friends to join you for a jaunt down our favorite Venice blocks. Window shop, share small bites from food trucks, and maybe even hold hands for the first time as you stroll on the first Friday of any month.
Abbot Kinney First Fridays; Abbot Kinney Boulevard between Venice Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.

Chow Down At A Pop-Up Eatery
After you've "herded" all along Abbot, you may be in the mood for a more intimate setting, and we highly recommend checking out Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. Located in the former Capri space, this spot was opened by two young chefs who've worked at some of the most gourmet spots in town. They use local ingredients, so rest assured, you'll have the the most quintessential Cali night!
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, 1616 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (Near Venice Boulevard); 424-268-8344.

Photos: Via Venice Beach Official Site; Photographed by Christy Kurtz, Via Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
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The Eclectic Evening

Pack A Picnic
For 45 fun tickets, Doughboys will pack you a baguette, four spreads, two drinks, and a choice of scrumptious sides (they also throw in utensils and a cute little tablecloth). Before your next stop, we also recommend grabbing copious amounts of vino (champs?), and perhaps some candles for mood lighting.
Doughboys Café & Bakery, 8136 West 3rd Street (Near South Kilkea Drive); 323-852-1020.

Catch An Outdoor Flick
Okay, so the cat's way out of the bag on Hollywood Forever, but the masses don't make watching a movie in a cemetery any less cool. Plus, it's also a good test of your date's patience level, since you'll most likely have to wait in line, ha! Maybe play a quick game of "F*ck, Chuck, Marry" or MASH, to bind your time? Get there promptly when the gates open at six, so you can snag prime film-viewing real estate when the show starts at 8:30.
Cinespia Cemetery Screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery; 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard (Near North Van Ness Avenue); 323-469-1181.

Finish The Night With A Brewski
Head to K-Town after your cemetery snuggle, and check out this hidden bar. It's nestled at the end of a coffee shop's parking lot, so keep your eyes peeled. Inside you'll find a crazy-curated list of beers, and even a totally unexpected local blend: Try the Craftsman Triple White Sage, blended with sage from the hills of Pasadena.
Beer Belly, 532 South Western Avenue (Near South Oxford Avenue); 213-387-2337.

Photos: Via Doughboys, Cinespia, Beer Belly