Trend Forecasting: Dreamy Opals Are Having A Moment In The Sun

At last night's Met Gala, we thought we spied one redeeming thing about January Jones' comic book look — an opulent opal necklace. Ready to give her at least a few kudos, we were sorely disappointed upon closer inspection, to find that the jewel was a much less exciting turquoise choker. Alas, red carpet strutters can't win 'em all.
Regardless, trippy translucent opals have been popping up everywhere, of late: From stars whose style really shines (Busy Phillips rocked eerie earrings to the Oscars), to the latest Cartier catalogue — and even a bride we bowed down to last weekend who opted out of diamonds for an other-worldly engagement band — these babies are really making an impact.
The kaleidoscopic and cool stone looks like it landed from outerspace, but did you know that most originate in Australia? Or that they have both a rep for providing good luck and supernatural powers? Sure, they don't come cheap, but we're betting they're the next big, perhaps huge, thing. So, check out this gallery of multi-colored, and thoroughly modern baubles, and hop on the bandwagon!
Photo: Brian Lindensmith/
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Manya & Roumen Grove Snail Ring, $8,250, available at Max & Chloe.
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Opals Down Under Doublet Opal Earrings, $286.36, available at Opals Down Under.
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Erickson Beamon Pink Opal Duchess of Fabulous Ring, $395, available at Barneys.
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Daniela Villegas Suriname Bracelet and Necklace, $11,125, available at Roseark.
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Irene Neuwirth Mismatched Boulder Opal and Diamond Earrings, $35,040, available at Barneys.
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Bluenoemi Sterling Silver Necklace with Opal Stones, $190, available at Etsy.
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Sunrise Opal Bright Green Boulder Opal Studs, $800, available at Sunrise Opal
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Sasson Orly Opal Earrings, $35, available at Etsy.
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Alinari Stefano Hands Earrings, $16,651, available at Luisa Viaroma .
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Sara Weinstock Emerald & Opal Chandelier Earrings, $14,960, available at Barneys.
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Gurhan Opal Eternity Band with Diamonds, $3,740, available at Ylang23.
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Judith Jack Lagoon Gilson Opal Ring, $295, available at Nordstrom.
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Opals Australia Solid Light Opal Earrings, $3,954, available at Opals Australia.
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Sunrise Opal Green 18K Diamond Boulder Opal Ring, $2,400, available at Sunrise Opal.