Our Spring Playlist! 14 Fresh Tunes Just For You

It's really easy to get trapped in a musical rut and find yourself listening to the same tracks and albums over and over again. #beentheredonethat
But don't despair. We're here to help with a brand new spring playlist of our favorite jams from the past few months. Here, we have fresh tunage from some of our perennial favorites (Beach House and Beck), plus great beats from bands that we just discovered (Daughn Gibson and Dive). So, we hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do.
Oh, and making your own music video? Yes you can.
Download each song individually — or — for continuous listening, check out the Refinery29 spring '12 playlist on Spotify.
Click through for our 14 new musical obsessions. And to download tracks, just right-click on the link and save the file.
other-lives-tamer-animals-dark-horseOther Lives — Tamer Animals
"Dark Horse" [MP3]
This beautiful and haunting song leads off this Oklahoma chamber-pop group's latest album, Tamer Animals. It sounds great leading off our playlist, too. Buy this album.
daniel-rossen-silent-hour-golden-mileDaniel Rossen — Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP
"Golden Mile" [MP3]
Grizzly Bear guitarist and songwriter Daniel Rossen's first solo record, the Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP, is pretty much a perfect record. We've had it on repeat for months, so we can say this with confidence. Buy this album.
bear-in-heaven-i-love-you-its-cool-cool-lightBear in Heaven — I Love You It's Cool
"Cool Light" [MP3]
Despite all the use of modern production flourishes and synthesizers, Bear in Heaven makse pop songs that feel very organic and human. Buy this album.
dive-how-long-have-you-known-Dive — Oshin
"How Long Have You Known" [MP3]
Yes, it's just an upbeat guitar-driven indie-rock track, but it's a really good one. Expect the complete Dive album to drop June 26.
beach-houseBeach House — Bloom
"Myth" [MP3]
Is there any band in the past five years with a better track record than Beach House? They just keep releasing classic albums every 18 months or so. This is the lead-off track on their latest stunner. Buy this album.
kindness-world,-you-need-a-change-of-mind-swingin'-partyKindness — World, You Need a Change of Mind
"Swingin' Party" [MP3]
Over the bare bones of a pulsing synthesizer and a four-on-the-floor drum machine is that beautiful and familiar melody. Kindness remakes this The Replacements' song to make it feel like you've never heard it before. Buy this album.
daughn-gibson-tiffany-louDaughn Gibson — All Hell
"Tiffany Lou" [MP3]
This is an odd one: Daughn Gibson mixes country crooning with an electronic piano ballad... and it surprisingly works. Buy this album.
All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.
chromatics-kill-for-love-back-from-the-graveThe Chromatics — Kill for Love
"Back From the Grave" [MP3]
It was hard to pick one track from The Chromatics' new record — it's pretty much the best thing we've heard all year. Buy this album.
beck-i-only-have-eyes-for-youBeck — I Only Have Eyes For You
"I Only Have Eyes for You (Cover)" [MP3]
This surprisingly faithful rendition of The Flamingos' doo-wop classic (one of the greatest songs ever recorded) finds Beck in full-on crooner mode.
here-we-go-magic-a-different-ship-over-the-oceanHere We Go Magic — A Different Ship
"Over the Ocean" [MP3]
Sometimes it's good to keep things simple. This track from Here We Go Magic's latest is just a loping and ethereal groover with excellent vocals.  Buy this album.
nicolas-jaar-wouh-wouhNicolas Jaar — Wouh
"Wouh" [MP3]
Moody, slo-mo techno from a Brown comp-lit major. Could go either way on paper, but in practice, it's gorgeous and inspiring. Buy this album.
one-second-of-loveNite Jewel — One Second of Love
"One Second of Love" [MP3]
Nite Jewel has traded in murky lo-fi dance music for sharp '80s-style synth-pop on her newest album. We didn't see it coming but she has successfully made the transition from weird outsider to legitimate pop force. Buy this album.
Tanlines-Mixed-Emotions-BrothersTanlines — Mixed Emotions
"Brothers" [MP3]
This is the single on Tanlines' excellent debut full-length record, full of inspirational dance jams that impress us more and more with each listen. Buy this album.
Chairlift-Something-Met-BeforeChairlift — Something
"Met Before" [MP3]
We have to admit that we sort of slept on Chairlift when we first heard about them a few years ago, but we absolutely love how aggressive and brutal they sound on this single. Buy this album.
All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.

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