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8 Sweet D.C. Tourist Destinations You'll Actually Love Visiting

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    UPDATE: Staying in town this weekend? Hit up one of these so-fun spots, that are still worth a visit. This story was originally published on April 24.

    Having a friend or relative visit is kinda like being a parent: You're proud, you're excited, and you can't wait to point out all the things your "baby" can do. And since we live in the nation's capital, most of us receive a higher number of out-of-towners than the average person (read: our kid is popular). Sure, there's no shortage of places to take your house guests in our fair city, but how predictable is it to show every aunt, college roommate, and BFF the tried-and-true trifecta of the Washington Monument, White House, and Lincoln Memorial?

    Instead, break out of the usual tourist circuit with this extra-cool insider's guide for guests. From a haunting historic site that conjures up visions of ancient Greece to the quiet splendor of a favorite museum courtyard, we've complied a list of awesome destinations that even some native Washingtonians haven't visited. So, get in the know, then get out there and show your visitors what this city has to offer. We know every parent thinks this about their child, but isn't D.C. just the best?
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