The Aussies Always Know What's Up, & These Accessories Prove It!

Have you ever been complimented on something you're donning, but then had the conversation stop short at "Oh, thanks!"? Well, Benah's fall '12 "Sunshadows" accessories collection will give you plenty to discuss, and might even spark a new friendship, if you're feeling extra social.
Designer Brenda Harvey grew up on a far-flung farm in the Australian countryside, with restricted access to the pop culture that dominated our childhoods. And as it turns out, life without Sesame Street or Beverly Hills 90210, can really ignite one's imagination!
Her collection (sported by Style Bubble's Susie Lau, street style star Caroline Issa, and trendy thesp Nora Zehetner) was inspired by Carl Jung's shadow theory: "The brightest light casts the darkest shadow." The juxtaposition between light and dark is seen throughout the gorg goodies, with deep contrasts in materials (from suede and linen to snakeskin) and clever hue usage (from deep bordeaux to lime green). Feel free to get all philosophical — discuss among yourselves and report back.
The collection is available at TenOverSix, 8425 Melrose Avenue (near Melrose Place); 323-330-9355.
Photo: Courtesy of Benah