DIY Katniss Braid, No Hunger Games Required

You know we couldn't let this week pass without giving you a Hunger Games how-to. With tonight's sure-to-be-insane midnight premiere of the seminal movie of our time (okay, maybe not, but it's definitely going to be a kick-ass film), we knew it was finally time to tackle "the braid."
In addition to being a fictional heroine we can actually get behind, Katniss Everdeen also rocks a pretty sick hairstyle. In the books, her 'do has a big part, with Katniss' beauty prep team obsessing over it. After seeing the style brought to life in the posters and previews, we have to agree — that braid is dope. Equal parts sporty, functional, and beautiful, it's her swooping braid — not Peeta or Gale — that has us swooning.
Alright fine, there's a little Peeta-induced swooning going on, but mostly, it's the braid. Here, we've got your step-by-step tutorial on how to cop this cool 'do for yourself. Better get braiding if you want to rock this at the midnight showing!
Photographed by Erin Yamagata