Party On! 19 Awesome Event Venues In NYC

UPDATE:Though summer's gone we're still in the mood for a celebratory party. And, given it's Friday (about damn time, we thought it was the weekend since Tuesday!), we're re-vamping our favorite go-to venue list. This article was originally published on January 10, 2012.
Of all the variables that can make or break a party, the Venue (yes, capital V) is quite possibly the most important. Who cares what the bride wears if it's too crowded to see her? What good is delicious food if the space is unappetizing? And how are we supposed to get our dance on with that cute friend of a friend if all eyes are on the empty, ballroom-sized dance floor? To solve the party planning pickle, we turned to events guru Bronson Van Wyck, who led us to the very best spaces for every NYC bash. In true form, he's thought of it all—the blank-slate space for your themed bonanza, the NYC classic that'd get you the most RSVPs, and even the chicest rooftop for your summer soiree (hey, it's never too early to start planning!). These luxe locales are so epic and fun, you might want to plan a party just to check 'em out. If so, count us in +1.
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Photo: Courtesy of Van Wyck.
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Blue Chip
These best-of-the-best luxury venues are what New York is known for (and the price tags reflect it).

The Plaza Hotel
If you can squeeze in your wedding or event here (by booking years in advance, of course) then this is the place to have it— timeless and elegant.
The Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue (at Central Park South); 212-930-0731.

The Four Seasons Restaurant
With expertly executed service and a delicious menu to choose from, The Four Seasons Restaurant is another name-dropper that's bound to be reserved through the next Millennium (or two). Miracles do happen though—so call for any last-minute cancellations.
The Four Seasons Restaurant, 99 East 52nd Street (between Park and Lexington avenues); 212-754-9468.

The New York Public Library
Carrie Bradshaw may have blown up this unconventional spot's novel appeal, but it's still classic, beautiful, and (let's get real) insanely amazing.
The New York Public Library, 455 Fifth Avenue (at 39th Street); 212-549-0506.

Photos (clockwise): Four Seasons, Public Library, Four Seasons, Plaza, Courtesy of Van Wyck
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Blank Canvas
Décor possibilities abound at these vacant, open spaces. So bring in the camels, the fire-eaters, or the snow— these venues are incomparable spots for theme parties and huge visions.

Skylight Soho
The numbers don't lie: Here, enjoy 18,000-square-feet of whatever you can dream up.
Skylight Soho, 275 Hudson Street (at Dominick Street); 212-736-6200.

The Park Avenue Armory
Aside from being historical and beautiful, this place is both industrial and large enough for you to drive your production trucks inside for set-up and breakdown.
The Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue (at 67th Street); 212-616-3936.

The Sky Room
As part of the New Museum, this space is modern and cool, but still open enough for you to flush it out in any rad style you see fit— or leave it totally blank for that minimalist gallery effect.
The Sky Room , (at The New Museum), 235 West Bowery (between Elizabeth and Stanton streets); 212-534-1672.

Photos (clockwise): The Armory, Skylight, Courtesy of Van Wyck
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Sometimes, an intimate dinner party is just what the occasion ordered. So, whether you're planning a birthday gathering, a small business bite, or a rehearsal dinner, here's where to snag the table.

This so, so new spot is off the beaten path and super-chic. Be the first to make it "your place"... before we make it ours.
Acme; no website, 9 Great Jones (at East 4th street); 212-203-2121.

Fat Radish
This restaurant is the perfect location for a cozy cocktail or dinner party, and the food is SO good, you might just come back for brunch.
Fat Radish, 17 Orchard Street (between Canal and Hester streets); 917-628-3733.

Hudson Clearwater
While it's not a secret anymore, this hidden (yes, it's hard to find) West Side gem is perfection for a super-cozy dinner— you just have to know where to look.
Hudson Clearwater, 447 Hudson Street (at Morton Street); 212-989-3255.

La Esquina
You know we love us some La Esquina, and for very good reasons— not only is the food delish, but everyone looks better in candlelight.
La Esquina, 106 Kenmare Street (at Cleveland Place); 646-613-1333.

Photos (Clockwise) : La Esquina, Fat Radish, Hudson Clearwater, Courtesy of Van Wyck
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Boozy Bash
Not only are these places gorgeous (of course), but they're budget-friendly enough that you'll have plenty of cash left over for mountains (or fountains) of booze...

The Glass Houses
With an open space and amazing views, this Chelsea spot will let you pack in as many guests as you can feed (or hydrate).
The Glass Houses, 545 West 25th Street (between 10th and 11th avenues); 212-242-7800.

La Birreria
When you mix a beautiful rooftop with the delicious food from Eataly, there's no way you can't have a totally happening event.
La Birreria, 200 Fifth Avenue (at West 23rd Street); 212-937-8910.

620 Loft & Garden
Sure, you might not want to dish over the dough to rent this place out, but if you're NYC-obsessed, the Top of the Rock is up there on must-visits, not to mention places to party.
620 Loft & Garden , 45 Rockefeller Plaza (at 51st Street); 212- 593-9427.

Photos (clockwise): Birreria, Glasshouse, 620, Glasshouse, Courtesy of Van Wyck
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It's hard to imagine in the middle of January, but a good rooftop party is hard to beat, and we bet the best ones are already in the works!

The Terrace at The Gramercy Park Hotel
With an ever-changing contemporary art collection and eccentric and creative lighting, this spot is more than just a rooftop, it's a home run.
The Terrace at The Gramercy Park Hotel , 2 Lexington Avenue (at 21st Street); 212- 673-2198.

The Mondrian Soho
For the best (and chicest) view in the city, nothing compares to The Mondrian's clean white space, plus, venturing downstairs to the hotel lobby is a whole 'nother world of fun and food.
The Mondrian Soho , 9 Crosby Street (between Grand and Howard streets); 646-218-6416.

Skylight West
You'll absolutely embrace this one- of-a-kind space, what with its unique architectural details— did we mention the stage built into a gigantic billboard!
Skylight West, 500 West 36th Street (at 10th Avenue); 212-736-6200.

Photos (clockwise): Gramercy Park, Mondrian Soho, Skylight West, Courtesy of Van Wyck
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League Of Their Own
These venues cannot compare to any other in the city, and therefore, the world. Club, abandoned railway, or gigantic pier, get ready for a totally memorable and totally out-of-control event.

Pier 57
Completely open space overlooking the water anyone? For a runway show, an excessive rager, or a gigantic after-party, look no further.
Pier 57, 15th Street (at the West Side Highway); 212-627-2020.

The Boom Boom Room
Ok, so maybe we're a little BBR obsessed, but with insane views and cozy nooks, this celeb (and editor!) favorite is hard to beat (and equally hard to book).
The Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel, 848 Washington Street (at 13th Street); 212-784-5517.

The Highline
It may be crazy to try to reserve the lush green space at The Highline for a party, but we promise, if you do it, we'll come.
The Highline , 529 West 20th Street (between 10th and 11th avenues); 212-206-9922.

Photos (clockwise): Boom Boom Room, Highline, Pier 57, Courtesy of Van Wyck