A Tasteful Girl's Guide To Sexy Time (NSFW)

The big, wide world of sex-related products can be daunting. For someone just beginning to explore, the sheer variety can be a bit intense, not to mention the fact that 90% of sensual materials are not really made with female customers in mind. Then, there's the added layer of style; for someone attracted to tastefully outfitted civilians, the visual trappings of mainstream pornography are unequivocally hard on the eyes. Who are these grunting, simian hard bodies and what have they done with the babes? Must they really climax there, each time, like that?
It's enough to make some of you otherwise open-minded ladies stay as far away from it all as possible. Which is a shame, because you could be missing out on some potentially titillating experiences. What we generally refer to as "the sex industry" is far from monolithic, and there's something for everyone if you know where to look. It's with that in mind that we've assembled this list of suggestions as to where you might go to scratch your various itches, in style.
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Web Porn

X-Art — This site is chock full of gorgeous photos and videos of gorgeous people getting it on. The female performers' natural beauty is emphasized with minimal makeup, and the male performers look like people you'd actually want to bone if you were to encounter them at a bar.
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Web Porn

Burning Angel — If your tastes skew more towards the boyish, tattooed punk rockers of the world, this is the site for you. Titles like Repenetrator and Fuckenstein show founder Joanna Angel's twisted sense of humor, and it also doesn't hurt that they've got numerous scenes featuring adorable male porn star of the moment, James Deen.
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Web Porn

Kink.com — If you have even a passing interest in BDSM, Kink is the place to go. With over 20 niche websites under its umbrella, chances are it has whatever kink you're looking to explore. Plus, Kink has a reputation in the porn and BDSM communities for treating its performers well, which is always nice to know.
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Moregasm — Published by the founders of woman-friendly sex shop Babeland, this book contains many different ideas useful for both straight and queer couples, accompanied by some nice R-rated photos of a diverse cast of hot naked people.
Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex, $16.88, available at Amazon.
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Pictures of Girls — This artist by day, alt porn star by night's psychotically detailed paintings of "girls in the naked girl business," take the complex lives of these young women and turn them into high art. For a gripping written account of his experiences in the adult film industry, check out his memoir We Did Porn.
Pictures of Girls, $20.68, available at Amazon.
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Neu Sex — Newly released by Vice Books, this slim-and-sexy volume contains a well-edited and stylish collection of photos Grey captured over the course of her brief but prolific time in the porn biz, as well as some short essays outlining her sexual philosophy.
Neu Sex, $19.80, available at Amazon.
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The Lake And Stars — Brooklyn lingerie label The Lake And Stars creates lingerie and swimwear with a soft, feminine, vintage-inspired vibe. They also make an effort to use models of varying shapes and sizes.
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Julia Restoin-Roitfeld for Kiki de Montparnasse — If you're as obsessed with the Roitfeld women as most people who read fashion blogs, you might want to try Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's new line for Kiki de Montparnasse. It's lacy, it's French, and it carries Carine's stamp of approval.
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FYI By Dani Read — If lace and frills aren't tough enough for you, this line is festooned with guns, studs, and functional details like silk restraints. Accessorize your look with some of her spiked fingerless gloves and role play like you're a character in Blade Runner.
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Jimmyjane Little Gold — If you're into luxury items, this sleek little 24k-gold vibrator should do the trick. It's also available in steel, platinum, and platinum with diamonds(!!), ensuring yours will be the most pampered pudenda in all the land. Also notable: It's totally waterproof and contains a replaceable motor, should you manage to burn the first one out.
Jimmy Jane Little Gold Vibrator, $425, available at Jimmy Jane.
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We-Vibe — Designed by a married couple, this toy is meant to be used during heterosexual intercourse (although we're sure you can find some other uses, too). The flexible, body-safe vibe stimulates your c- and g-spots simultaneously, and is small enough not to get in the way of the action it's enhancing.
We-Vive Coubles Vibrator 3, $149.99, available at We Vibe.
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Incoqnito — Form follows function in these well-designed sensation toys that double as discrete-but-edgy accessories. A pair of handcuffs can be worn as a cool leather bracelet, while the droplet necklace conceals a pair of vibrating nipple clamps.
Incoqnito Droplet Necklace, $109, available at Incoqnito; Incoqnito Leather Handcuffs, $62, available at Incoqunito.

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