Braided Bangs Will Be All Over Your Timeline In 3, 2...

Having box braids — or any protective style, for that matter — doesn't mean you have to stay in a box. Every festival season, we end up seeing some of the coolest and most modern takes on the twists and plaits that have existed since the beginning of time. That's the case for braided bangs, which we'd bet money on seeing at Coachella, Panorama, Curlfest, and Afropunk this year. The fringe had its moment in the eighties (RIP, Rick James), and prevailed in the nineties — especially teamed with a bob and burnt ends. These days, we're seeing it all... and especially loving the newest iterations in rainbow-bright colors. Check out the raddest ways to wear them, ahead.
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Hairstylist Susan Oludele took inspiration from musician Fela Kuti for this look on Les. She braided in extensions and styled them with beads and glitter, she explained in her caption.
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Photo: Via @hulisanithabela.
Blunt bangs — and that vibrant violet color — give Hulisani's long box braids new life.
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Photo: Via @djdoowap.
DJ Doowap had a party in the front and in the back.
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photographed by Courtney Yates; edited by Erin Yamagata.
At Afropunk Brooklyn, this beauty rocked a Victorian-inspired getup and pinned her front-facing braids into elegant spirals.
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Photo: LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images.
So much accessory greatness from Adama Paris in Senegal.
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Earlier this year, the beaded fringe was in abundance at Afropunk Johannesburg.
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We saw them in all sorts of sizes and colors.
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You can also get creative with materials. We're loving this looped yarn iteration on the bangs trend.
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Photo: Via @ancestralstrands.
If you're on the chilly East Coast, you don't have to wait until it gets warmer to try the look, either. In January, actress Simone Missick showed us how it's done with bantu knots, braids, and a goddess braid bang hair piece from Ancestral Strands.
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