The Best Beauty Moments Happening On All Your Favorite TV Shows Right Now

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TV has never looked so good. No, really: In a world of more than 8,000 shows streaming across platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, beauty is playing a bigger part than ever — especially this summer. Hair teased to the heavens? Yes. A makeover that could give Clueless a run for its money? Double yes. Pro-grade tutorials by way of Litchfield Prison inmates? But of course.
Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite beauty moments stealing the scenes of the season's biggest shows. Because let's be honest: When Oscar Wilde said, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life," he clearly wasn't all caught up on Orange Is The New Black.
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Big Little Lies

There was plenty to cover up during the inaugural season of BLL: affairs, murder, bruises. The latter is the gut-wrenching reason why Nicole Kidman's character used concealer on camera so often. What's more, those marks on the actress' skin were the real deal: In a recent interview with R29, Kidman admitted that having to use makeup in that way had an emotional toll on her.

"The makeup artist on the set taught me how to [cover up bruises]," she says. "You see me do it in a lot of scenes. It's sad and really disturbing, but it was amazing how adept I got at it."
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Orange Is The New Black

Beauty contraband has been a common thread throughout the entire OITNB series — who could forget the extensions Sophia so perfectly applied at the hair salon, or the lipstick Lorna Morello created from regular commissary items? — but no season has put the topic so front-and-center like this past one. Case in point: the countless YouTube-esque makeup tutorials created by "Flaritza" (a.k.a. Flacca and Maritza). The videos garnered quite the public reaction, and the pair earned their very own beauty fanbase to boot.
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Flaritza was fruitful with their makeup tips behind bars, too, extending their beauty services to plenty of inmates. In episode seven, the women decided to give Nikki and Alex — who, mind you, haven't touched a stitch of makeup for months at this point — a makeover of epic proportions. Which begs the question: Where do we sign up?
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The pilot may have just hit Netflix earlier today, but the show already has more more to offer than anything we've seen from a WWE match. Think neon spandex, glitter makeup, and hair teased so big, it struggles to fit in the screen. If women's wrestling isn't enough to lure you in, the Flashdance-level beauty moments will.
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Dear White People

The Netflix series wasn't afraid to breach the topic of natural hair. The most poignant moment? When Antoinette Robertson's character Coco decided to embrace her natural texture in episode nine. Originally, she had taken to wigs to distance herself from her roots — as she considered her hair the one thing that made her different from her peers — until the moment she accepted that it was, in fact, beautiful all along.
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The Handmaid's Tale

Quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking beauty scenes we've seen on TV comes from episode eight, "Jezebels," of The Handmaid's Tale, when the commander takes Offred out for an illicit night. He hands her a party dress and a bag of makeup, and then, in an especially cringe-worthy moment, shaves her legs for her — all without explaining where he plans to take her. It's an intense scene that highlights his ownership over her and her total lack of control over her own body.
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When Lillian lands herself a wealthy suitor, Jacqueline is so impressed, she decides to play Cher in Clueless and give her new friend a fancy (albeit unwanted) makeover. "Don’t you want to impress Artie’s children?" she asks. "You could be spending a lot of time with them in court after he dies." She straightens Lillian's trademark curls and glams her up, all in good fun — until Lillian decides "herself" will do just fine. Word.
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