Is Storybook Cosmetics Launching A Care Bear Makeup Range?

When I was younger, I wanted nothing more in life than to win a Cheer Care Bear from a claw machine. Don’t ask me why, but perhaps it's because — even after countless attempts — I never won one. Flash forward 20 years: I may no longer have a burning desire to have own the stuffed animal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel particularly nostalgic about Care Bears.
And the idea of Care Bear-inspired makeup collection would definitely fulfill my childhood dream. So when I heard that Storybooks Cosmetics — the brand behind those magical Harry Potter and Beauty & The Beast makeup brushes — might be partnering up with the Care Bear company, well, let's just say I was pretty excited.
Nothing is confirmed quite yet, but according to Hello Giggles, the brand has dropped several hints over the last month about meetings between the two companies. The most recent? A photo of the Storybook co-founders swimming in a pile of stuffed bears. “Had a second date with our friends @carebears ...I think it's getting pretty serious,” the caption read.
Not to add fuel to our ever-growing conspiracy theory here, but the brand also posted brightly colored eyeshadow swatches (and mentioned an upcoming collaboration!) earlier this month. And somehow, we have a good guess that this might be the one they're talking about.
If only the brand were taking personal requests for the potential collab. A rainbow-colored eyeshadow palette named "Cheer Bear," anyone?
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