Will Pornstache Come Back To Orange Is The New Black?

Photo: Ali Goldstein/Netflix.
Are you ready for the return of Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) to Orange Is The New Black? Depending on how much you trust IMDb credits, it just might be time for the Netflix prison drama’s most over-the-top villain to resurface. After two years of radio silence from George “Pornstache” Mendez, the site claims the dramatic correctional officer will appear in season 5 episode "Tied to the Traintracks." Yes, really.
This is huge news, as fans haven’t seen Pornstache in a full capacity since season 2, when it was revealed he raped Daya Diaz (Dascha Polanco). Even if the disgraced C.O.’s return proves to be a rumor, it’s likely many viewers have forgotten what caused one of OITNB’s most famous characters to completely disappear. That’s why we put together a handy refresher course explaining exactly where Pornstache is now and how he got there.
Scroll through the gallery for a reminder, along with all the details on what the man who plays Pornstache, Pablo Schreiber, is up to. We promise you may have seen him on one of your favorite shows and not even realized.
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Prison. Pornstache Is In Prison

When Daya finds out she’s expecting a baby with C.O. John Bennett, they decide to pin the criminal pregnancy on Pornstache since sex between guards and inmates is classified as rape. Pornstache takes the bait and has sex with Daya in season 1’s "Fool Me Once." According to plan, he’s caught, and it’s eventually proven the mom-to-be is pregnant.

Since it seems no other man has had sex with Daya since she entered women’s prison, Pornstache is dragged out of Litchfield by police and charged with rape. In season 3’s "A Tittin' and a Hairin" it’s confirmed Pornstache was convicted of his crime, which he did in fact commit, just under unknown manipulation. The last time we see him, he’s sporting a prison mullet.
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But, Pornstache Is Living To Get Out

Pornstache believes he’s in love with Daya and announces that to all of Litchfield when he’s fired from his job and arrested. When his mother visits him in "A Hairin," the former C.O. swears he’s working towards claiming "his family" and being a great father to "his" baby with Daya.

Pornstache has become so obsessed with the idea of starting a life with Daya, he refuses to believe her baby isn’t his, even when his mom tells him the truth point blank.
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American Gods

With Pornstache fully trapped inside of prison and far away from the drama of Litchfield, the man who portrays him has needed to find new work. Pablo's most high-profile role since disappearing from the set of Orange Is The New Black is none other than Irish deity Mad Sweeney on American Gods.

The Canadian-born actor melts so seamlessly into his primetime leprechaun role, a lot of viewers aren’t even recognizing him. But, underneath all the Riverdale-ready red hair, Irish-accented bluster, and signature Gods gore, there’s Pablo. The OITNB alum has a credit on every episode of the Neil Gaiman adaptation's premiere season — despite being MIA in two episodes — and will hopefully continue to stick around for the series’ already-confirmed season 2.
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The Brink

Aw, remember The Brink? Don’t worry, no one else does either. The HBO black comedy, about a geopolitical crisis in Pakistan, came and went with little fanfare in 2015. In fact, Brink’s most high-profile moment came when HBO renewed the show for a second season…until rescinding the offer three months later.
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All The Movies

When Pablo isn’t hopping around the bastions of prestige television, he’s starring in movies. Since leaving OITNB as a recurring actor in 2014, he’s appeared in Michael Bay’s action extravaganza 13 Hours, thriller Thumper with Game of Thrones’s Lena Headey, and comedy The Dramatics (A Comedy).

He has five more movies set to debut over the next year, including music drama Traces with Sosie Bacon, Big Bear with Adam Brody, Beast Of Burden with Daniel Radcliffe, and Den Of Thieves with O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Gerard Butler. And then there’s one out of the movie quintet that deserves its own explainer…
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One Movie That Sounds Like A Gold-Studded Acid Trip

This is the actual, legitimate description of upcoming 2017 film The King’s Daughter. "King Louis XIV's quest for immortality leads him to capture and steal a mermaid's life force, a move that is further complicated by his illegitimate daughter's discovery of the creature."

That is a real movie that will debut this year and it stars Pablo Schreiber, as well as Pierce Brosnan’s wig. Someone needs to leak a trailer immediately.