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We Quoted Ivanka Trump To NYC Women — Here's What Happened

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For a host of reasons, it doesn't feel like an understatement to say that Ivanka Trump is one of the most divisive figures in American politics right now. An outspoken advocate for women's economic and professional empowerment, Trump can nevertheless come across as a blithe enabler to her father's punitive stances on reproductive rights (and Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, has definitely noticed).
So when we read her latest book, Women Who Work, we had some serious questions. Does her advice relate to everyday women and the stresses of balancing careers and personal lives, without Trump's fleet of nannies and assistants? Or does it read more like the empty platitudes we've seen emblazoned on Pinterest boards? To find out, we went to the heart of NYC to talk to some real women who work — and to hear if they felt Trump's words resonated with their own lives.

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Ivanka Trump Women Who Work Book Quotes CriticismReleased on May 31, 2017