7 Women Share What They Like Being Called In Bed

What secret name do you like being called in bed? I'll go first: I like being called "slut" during dirty talk (and so do a lot of other people). It makes me feel powerful, because, to be honest, I am kind of a "slut." I've had my fair share of sexual partners, and I enjoy taking back the word from misogynists for my own erotic enjoyment. And since it's still a taboo word to use, being called a slut by my partner (with consent, of course) gets me off every time. Once, I asked my partner to spit in my face and call me a slut, and he did — and I came so hard.
But just in case you're still wondering, let me make one thing clear: Whatever name you get off on being called in bed is 100% normal and does not make you a bad feminist. To help dispel shame and insecurity around the carnal joy of being called something taboo in bed, I asked the R29 community what they like being called during dirty talk. Here's what they confessed.
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"I like being called 'daddy' in bed. It depends on the guy I'm with, but it turns me on, because it's a hot power dynamic. And the touch of taboo doesn't hurt, either."
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"It’s hot to relinquish control to the person I love in bed. 'Dirty little girl' makes it sound like I am his girl dirty little girl; it feels like he is fully in control of me and my upcoming orgasm. 'Little girl' may be demeaning, but somehow it throws me over the edge — probably because it signifies his control over me and it makes it easier for me to relax and let go, knowing he is in control right now. Sometimes, when I have trouble letting go, he will soothe me with calling me a dirty little girl and bam — orgasmtown, here I come. The last time we used it during sex was this morning."
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"I hate being called 'baby' by my partner out of bed. But in bed, something about it is so intimate and sexy."
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"I find it oddly very empowering to be called 'bitch' in bed, and it makes me feel like I can do whatever the hell I want. Also, it makes me feel like a badass."
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"I want to be called 'good girl' in bed. My partner and I regularly enact sub/dom [submission and domination] sex, so it comes into play when I obey his rules. My favorite memory of this is when he came all over me, and I proceeded to lick all his cum off of me."
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"It just makes me feel hot. Recently, I was getting fucked doggy-style, and he pulled my hair and then called me it while he came all over my ass."
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"I like to be submissive and have rough, power-balance sex. Being called 'whore' or 'slut' makes me feel bad and ashamed, but in a safe way. I had a really rough hookup with this guy I met at a club (we didn't even have sex, and it was still the hottest thing of my life), and he kept calling me a slut and making me call him sir and teasing me, and it was inexplicably mind-blowing."