The Best Disney Songs That You Forgot About

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that a Disney song is the best tune for the shower. "Look at this stuff? Isn't it neat?" I sing, gesturing at my various shampoo bottles and loofahs. "Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?" (For that matter, no. I can never have too many shower gizmos and gadgets.) And it's not just the shower that's ripe for Little Mermaid humdingers and the like. Disney songs are the perfect antidote to weekday chores, and a delicious companion to any sleepover/book club meeting/strenuous hike.
Given their endless use, it's about time we mixed up our interest in Disney songs. The classics are great, but "Part Of Your World" is only enjoyable the first 100 times. (I have long since surpassed that threshold.) In order to shake up the routine, reach for the deep cuts. We're talking songs from semi-animated flicks like Pete's Dragon, or deleted numbers that you'll only know if you purchased the deluxe soundtrack. We're talking buried tunes from the ending credits of long-forgotten films. For these numbers, we're reaching to the Disney archives. These dusted-off standbys are perfect for the shower, the gym, and everything in between. (A side note: at least half of these songs make for excellent lullabies. Which, if you have a friend who needs lulling, are very handy.) Sing on, my friends — the Disney treasure trove is here to provide.
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"Candle On The Water," Pete's Dragon

Sweet and bordering on saccharine, this song is Disney's version of "You've Got A Friend In Me." The recurring promise is, "I'll be your candle on the water." What does that mean? I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that I used to sing this to myself after a particularly hard day, and there are days when I think it's a great wedding song.
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"A Most Befuddling Thing," The Sword In The Stone

Disney songs are best at taking love, that silly thing, and spiffing it up (so that it's not so, you know, annoying.) "A Most Befuddling Thing" takes romance and adds squirrels. Yes, squirrels. Ta-da! Non-irritating love story that will make you smile.
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"Your Mother And Mine" Peter Pan

This lullaby, sung by Wendy in the animated Peter Pan, is about the mystery that is motherhood. What makes mothers so special? The song answers:"Might as well ask what makes a star."
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"Proud Of Your Boy," Aladdin

Alan Menken's plaintive tale of pleasing-the-parents was cut from the original film, which means it's a forgotten Disney song. (Also, with all this "Whole New World" nonsense, it's easy to forget about the other Aladdin songs.) It's a tad more upsetting than your usual Disney fare — maybe that's why it was cut? — but that's exactly why it's such an important one. Here, Aladdin admits that he's "one rotten kid" and promises to make it up to his parents. It lends a little depth to our chipper carpet-rider, and it'll make you watch the movie with new eyes. Or a new world.
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"God Help The Outcasts" The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Esmerelda's prayer for her people feels particularly relevant these days. Her thesis: No one's looking out for the outcasts. She sings, "God help the outcasts, or nobody will."
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"Sally's Song" The Nightmare Before Christmas

Unrequited love is fertile ground for great songs. Sally's song in Tim Burton's spooky Christmas tale is a lovelorn lament, best for rainy days and dramatic showers.
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"The Age Of Not Believing," Bedknobs And Broomsticks

Angela Lansbury's tune about that loss of childhood imagination was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1971.
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"Out There," The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Sing this to yourself when you have to leave your bed in the morning. 'Out there' — sure sounds exciting, doesn't it?
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"Love" Robin Hood

Disney really knows how to put a cute love story to music. This song, aptly titled "Love," details the relationship between Robin Hood, a fox, and Marion, also a fox. The song is great alone, but the foxes help.
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"Someone's Waiting For You" The Rescuers

Raise your hand if you forgot about The Rescuers. If your hand is raised, shame on you. It's about mice saving a little girl. I'll say it again: mice rescuing a human. In real life, this is a horror story. In an animated film, this is adorable. To boot, "Someone's Waiting For You" speaks to one of life's most insistent anxieties — that no one would care if you went missing.
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"Baby Mine," Dumbo

This sweet lullaby was nominated for Best Original Song in 1942. (Overall, the film won for Best Score, so it's almost as if the song won as well.)
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"Human Again," Beauty And The Beast

The question of the hour: will the 2017 live action version of the movie include this rousing group number? Because I'll say it: This is just as good, if not better, than "Be Our Guest."

"Human Again" spent a few years on the cutting room floor. It's included in the stage version of the show and hopefully will make its screen debut this March.
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"For For The First Time In Forever," Frozen

Frozen is a well-known Disney flick. But ask the layman what song they recall from it, they'll name "Let It Go," the power ballad handed to Elsa. "For The First Time In Forever" is the quirky, upbeat tune that deserves a revisit. (Shout out to my gassy comrades who noticed the line, "can't tell if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone.")
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