That Moment When You're Singing Ed Sheeran & Ed Sheeran Is Standing Behind You

Let's talk, for a moment, about self-possession and grace under pressure.

Kai, one of Ellen Degeneres' prodigies, was on her show Tuesday after celebrating a birthday. He talked about his desire for a brother, and a bunch of other stuff, but then started singing Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud." He sang really passionately and about as well as you might expect from an eight-year-old.

The real treat came when Sheeran snuck up behind him. The kid didn't flinch. If you watch the video, and you should, he's basically ice cold. Like, that's a famous person behind him. He's just like, "Oh, yeah whatever, I'm going to Manchester."

Some will say: He's starstruck. To them, I say let this kid have his moment. He's cool as a cucumber. If Jordan swung him the rock with the Finals on the line, he's sinking that shot and saying, "Oh, hi" to David Stern on the podium.

Watch the performance below.