Your Favorite Fantastic Beasts Character Is Real & We Can Prove It

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
I have brought you here today to inform you that Fantastic Beasts do in fact exist in the real world. And not just any fantastic beast, but one of the cutest ones: the Niffler.

If you haven't seen the first film yet (and Johnny Depp's controversial appearance) here's a quick run-down of the IRL-beast. A few publications (The Mirror and Uproxx) noticed that there was a small anteater-related mammal native to Australia called an echidnas that bear a great resemblance to the creature. The Huffington Post reports that the baby echidnas are called "puggles" making them even cuter (if that was possible).

An Australian zoo also recently saw the birth of three puggles on the same day as the movie's premiere, November 18. Fate? I think so.
Fans who saw the movie immediately fell in love with the character, even though he hoards anything shiny and glittery that crosses his path.
Now that I know you exist, can I add you to my Christmas list? Please?
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.