Let Justin Trudeau Keep You Warm In This Cold, Post-Election Week

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It's no secret that many people are upset by the results of this election. America chose Donald Trump, an openly racist and misogynistic candidate endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, over Hillary Clinton, a woman who has spent her entire life in public service.

Many have said they would flee the country if this happened, and while we're not advocating for a mass exodus, we can see where they're coming from.

As George R.R. Martin himself announced, "Winter is coming," and to be honest, Canada's looking pretty warm right now. It's got poutine, Céline Dion, ice skating, universal healthcare, and a sexy leader — one who doesn't shy away from vocalizing his strong support for people of color, LGBT issues, and women's rights. And boy, does he ever look good in a suit. (Or anything else for that matter — the man makes a parka look good.)

If Donald Trump is more your cup of tea, no judgment here. But for those of you who prefer someone who can shake up the old suit and tie with a little boxing gear; someone whose smile can melt the iciest of glaciers; someone who cuddles pandas instead of grabbing pussies; someone a little less, well, orange — we've got a treat for you.

Stay where you are, and let Justin Trudeau hug you with his face — it's going to be okay.

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"Oh hey. I'm just here, boxing. NBD, I do it all the time."
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This is how you rock a tuxedo. Take notes, men.
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Walk your wife to work day? That's everyday.
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How to liven up a nuclear security summit: Color coordination.
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Wet T-shirt contest? Nope, just J.T. doing his thing.
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See, America? Those arms were made to hold you tight.
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Side-eye never looked so good.
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"A pilot and his Little Prince," the caption for this Halloween 2016 tweet read.

This man reads. He reads books. Books about tiny blond princes who desperately seek friendship with flowers on distant planets. Excuse me while I sob quietly.
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Balancing the budget since 2015.
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Even Kate Middleton isn't immune to that Canuck charm. Bye, Will.
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Oh dear God.
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Sophie Gregoire Trudeau = all of us.