Where Did Lady Gaga Go On American Horror Story?

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
The sixth season of American Horror Story has definitely kept us talking, even after the OMG-worthy plot twist in episode 6. Since then, some Roanoke fans have been speculating on the role that Taissa Farmiga will play this season. Other fans have been placing bets on who will be the lone survivor of the horrors at Mott Manor. But we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out a completely different mystery: Where is Lady Gaga?!

In her sophomore season on the anthology series, Gaga is no lady. She plays a lusty, ancient witch, Scáthach, who is ultimately responsible for the infestation of murderous ghosts on the haunted property in Roanoke. So much for being born that way. In episode 3, we saw Lady Gaga's witch getting down and dirty in the woods with Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character, whom she bewitched into hooking up with her. In episode 4 we learned that after saving the Butcher’s (Kathy Bates) life in exchange for her soul, Scáthach possessed and drove her to kill the entire colony of Roanoke, claiming their souls as well.

Needless to say, Gaga’s character has some serious power this season. Series creator Ryan Murphy actually confirmed with The Huffington Post that Scàthach is the original Supreme — if you watched season 3, Coven, you know what I'm talking about. To be honest, Lady Gaga as the boss of all witches seems perfect. It explains her amazing wardrobe in season 5, and her ability to still seduce men despite her decaying tooth situation in the current season. But power doesn’t always translate into screen time. Gaga has only been in three episodes to date, and I don’t know about you, but that’s not enough for me!
Photo: Courtesy of FX.
So where is she? The release of Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne last month is the obvious culprit. Murphy also told Huffington Post that the singer-actress “didn’t have much time to devote to AHS filming over the summer” because of the scheduling of her new album. So while we may be loving Joanne, and the pink hat she’s rocking on the cover, it may have cost us some OG Supreme realness on AHS.

With only two episodes left, including tonight’s, it’s not likely that we’re going to get an adequate dose of Gaga this season. We’re not saying we only watch American Horror Story for Lady Gaga, but there’s a reason why her fans are called Little Monsters.