Miley Cyrus Received Some Hate From Twitter After Posting A Clinton Photo

Miley Cyrus has been saying #ImWithHer for awhile now, but it seems Twitter just got the memo. And now that they know she's voting for Hillary Clinton, they're telling her how they really feel.

It all started after Cyrus tweeted a throwback photo of her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, with Bill and Chelsea Clinton, signed by the then president.

"Cyrus for Clinton since the beginning," she wrote. "Make ur plans now to vote on NOV 8!!"

The response was pretty immediate from her followers. While some were supportive of Cyrus' choice — "I have the best idol," one person tweeted — many others started responding to the tweet with messages like "Hillary for prison."

"So Miley wants a criminal politician & a rapist 2 run America & live in the W.H.," another wrote. "Wake up & smell the corruption."

Others questioned how Cyrus could be for Clinton when she once was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Being that this is the internet, things quickly snowballed and the responses got personal and pretty mean. Those ones, we're going to ignore.

But, here is a round-up of just some of the different responses Cyrus got from her tweet.
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Photo: via @MileyCyrus.
With one tweet, Cyrus made it clear her family has been pro-Clinton for awhile.
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This response was straight to the point.
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This one was very on-brand.
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This user felt a vote for Clinton is a vote for corruption.
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This tweet assumed Cyrus' views stemmed from her Hannah Montana days.
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Photo: via @cantstopmileyy.
But, now she's Hillary Clinton af.
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This person was very fair in his response.
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This person wanted Cyrus to know he was going a different way with his vote.
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This person seemed to know Cyrus' grandpa, who apparently could see the future.
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This egg has spoken.
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This user's mind was just blown by Cyrus' decision to change her mind.
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This person seemed to predict the apocalypse and now we're scared.