On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Kardashian Is Your Closet?

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images.
Whatever you may think of the Kardashians, we can all agree the family's recipe for style seems to be one of its strongest assets. And Kim — oh, Kim — is the Ina Garten of the clan. We've watched her mature from those Juicy Couture tracksuit days to those Max Mara coat days to now — her seemingly I'll-try-anything-once days of epic style. Hey, that's why we've been singing her praises since day one.

But over the years, have you ever caught yourself drinking the Kool-Aid, even just one bit? You know, taking her style choices rather literally and incorporating them into your own wardrobe full-on? We're talking countless numbers of chokers, body-con minidresses, concert merch, and more. That's why, ahead, we've got a litmus test of sorts for the Kardashian-ness of your style obsession. Let's just say if you're guilty of copping five or more of these trends, well, like they say, the first step is admitting...