You Can Own A Former DiCapri-Home For Pennies ($2.4m Worth Of Them But Still)

If you, like many people, would do just about anything to own a former Leonardo DiCaprio residence, you have a second chance. It's entirely possible that $10.95 million is out of your price range for a beach home. We get that.

So we're here with a much more affordable DiCapri-home. His Studio City property is a bargain at just $2.395 million. You could pay for that in pennies, almost. If you had, like, 239,500,000 pennies you could.

The home itself is a cozy 3,407 square feet and features mid-century modern takes on luxury amenities. That means a chef's kitchen, a garden tub, French doors leading onto the swimming pool, and exposed beams everywhere. The third of an acre provides a small forest in the middle of the concrete jungle. Glass walls mean you can look out onto the pool and the rest of the woodland you're surrounded by. There's also a mirrored built-in bar and an open plan. Perfect for parties in which you tell everyone the home used to be owned by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes, that one.