Josh Murray Knows He Moans While Making Out

Imagine smooching Bachelor in Paradise star Josh Murray: the allure of a date night punctuated by good food and better wine. What's that you hear? Horns honking, ambient TV noise, and a gaggle of tiny lawnmowers? Oh, no. It's Josh Murray, softly moaning as his lips touch yours.

Murray, 32, knows he has this moaning problem. It's not a sexy deprived moan or a sexy excited moan. It's a very monotone, low moan that sounds like it could turn into a growl if not properly treated.

"Passion and attraction is a beautiful thing," Murray wrote on Twitter. "But even I am a little uncomfortable with how much they replay my moan for every make out."

Oh, okay. So it's the replay that's the problem? His fans disagreed.