You Have To See Rihanna Encrusted In Diamonds On W's Cover

Photo: Courtesy of Steven Klein/W.
Rihanna just scored the cover of W, sporting the most epic face jewelry we've seen, basically ever. We're talking jewel-paved lips, an eye full of spiky-looking bling, plus a Cartier tiara, earrings, and necklace. While we couldn't get an exact carat tally for all of the jewels RiRi wore for the occasion, the necklace, which dates back to 1906, has 901 diamonds; that tiara, designed in 1902, is priceless, according to a source who worked on the shoot.

This is possibly the most glamorous interpretation of what a dystopian future could look like. We never really imagined that a post-apocalyptic world would be as packed with precious gems as W has envisioned, but we're definitely into it. The magazine even enlisted some designers, such as Miuccia Prada and Gareth Pugh, to create custom pieces for the shoot. (That's how you know you're kind of a big deal, not that anyone had any doubts about the kind of deal Rihanna is.)

The photos, shot by Steven Klein, are so fierce, the magazine didn't even need to do an actual cover story. (Or, perhaps RiRi was just pulling a Beyoncé.) The special collector's issue even features a one-issue-only logo, created by British art director Terry Jones.
Photo: Courtesy of Steven Klein/W.

And the vibe of the darkly glamorous photos feels distinctly cinematic — for good reason. The photo portfolio was actually first conceived as a film, and there was even an original short story, penned by Andrew Kevin Walker, who also wrote Se7en. You can check out a short behind-the-scenes film of how the issue was created, here.

It looks like Rihanna's come one step closer to transforming into a diamond (not just shining bright like one, as the song goes) with this insanely beautiful cover.
Photo: Courtesy of Steven Klein/W.