Japanese Trump Commercial Is Somehow Crazier Than Actual Trump

If you had Donald Trump Japanese Commercial in the informal game of Meme Bingo that we’re all constantly playing, take a shot. Because it’s here and it’s just as bananas as you might imagine.

The commercial features a young woman with blue hair riding on Trump’s head, skipping through a field of Trump trees, and just generally frolicking in a Trumpian paradise.

The best parts are probably Trump doing a crotch chop or maybe Trump doing the Nazi salute. Or maybe when jets fly over a giant bust of Trump that’s flanked by tanks. There are a lot of good parts, is what we’re saying.

The commercial was directed by Mike Diva, a Los Angeles-based creative. Just don’t ask him to make a video for any opposing candidates.


Make sure you keep watching until the ending, when Trump takes on his final form. It’s worth the wait.