How To Weep In Public

Julie Klausner Explains What It's Like To Be On The "Mental Treadmill" Of Depression

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Anyone with depression will tell you that the disorder can "clog" or "fog" your mind. But as comedian Julie Klausner explains in the latest episode of R29's own How To Weep In Public series on RIOT, the way depression affects your thought processes can vary from person to person. And, for her, that means her natural inclination toward problem-solving is dimmed.

"I find that certain sentences appear when I'm depressed, like I'm broken," says host Jacqueline Novak. "Do you have that kind of clear internal language?" she asks.

"For me, depression is more of a mental treadmill of being solution-less," Klausner answers. "I very much have a problem-solving-oriented brain, so when I get depressed, it's less about I'm worthless or I'm broken than it is about I don't know... I don't have the solution, and maybe there isn't one."

That kind of cyclical, stuck thinking is a hallmark of both depression and anxiety disorders. But each one of us can experience it differently; there are nearly an infinite amount of ways to feel not yourself. Check out the full video above (and other episodes of How To Weep In Public) to hear more unique, personal — and hilarious — stories about dealing with difficult feelings.

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Jacqueline Novak sits down with famous women from Lena Dunham to Broad City's Naomi Ekperigin for non-precious, laugh-out-loud funny, and truly poignant explorations of mental health issues, like anxiety and depression.

Julie Klausner Jacqueline Novak Depression Witty BanterReleased on May 20, 2016