Watch Hailey Baldwin Prank-Call Kendall Jenner

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
From now on, can all celebrity interviews please involve a nosy scan of their famous phone contacts? No doubt inspired by Jennifer Lopez's Leonardo DiCaprio clubbing text, E! host Jason Kennedy convinced Hailey Baldwin to hand over her own mobile.

Shockingly, he didn't immediately dial up Justin Bieber. Instead, Kennedy and Baldwin first tried to call Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, but it went to voicemail. Then they had a stroke of luck: Kendall Jenner was calling.

The fellow model then became the victim of a pretty tame prank, in which Kennedy pretended to be an Uber driver who'd found Baldwin's phone. Ever the loyal pal, Jenner offered to track Baldwin down. She did, however, tell a little lie in order to protect her identity.

"Yeah that's my boyfriend," Jenner responded when Kennedy, posing as the driver, asked why her name was listed as Ken. "I'm calling from my boyfriend's phone. My name's Rachel."

Shouldn't that be Krachel? Watch the video below to see it all go down, including Jenner's foul-mouthed reaction following the final reveal.
Video: Courtesy of E!.