J.K. Rowling's Message For Fans Struggling With Anxiety Is So On Point

J.K. Rowling has a long history of standing up for the underdog — and being a champion for what's right. She slammed Serena Williams' body-shamers. She silenced haters on the subject of same-sex marriage. She emphatically encouraged a young Egyptian woman to keep up her spirits and ambitions in the face of systemic oppression. And need we even mention how she gave the world a character to forever root for in the form of Harry Potter?

Well, now the author is at it again. Fans recently started tweeting her questions about the daily anxieties and depression they endure. It was fairly heartbreaking stuff.

"I'm a Gryffindor but my anxiety keeps me from being a true Gryffindor a lot recently," wrote one Harry Potter fan on Twitter. "Am I still a Gryffindor despite that?" Rowling had the best response — frankly, one we could all probably stand to hear every so often.

"Of course," Rowling wrote back. "Being anxious isn't who you are, it's something you're feeling. It will pass."

What's more: She inspired other HP fans to share their own stories and send messages of support to one another — proving once again that she's not just a talented author, she's also a pretty magical human being.