Pay Any Price You Want For A Slurpee & It Goes To Charity

In a date that mirrors the well-known July 11 free Slurpee promotion, 7-Eleven will allow customers to name their own price for a Slurpee on November 7.

That’s 7/11 and 11/7, if you’re not great with numbers.

“Name Your Own Price (Slurpee) Day” will allow customers to choose their price — from one cent to one million dollars, to one hundred billion dollars.

Why pay such an exorbitant fee for such a decadent treat? 7-Eleven says they will donate all proceeds to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that works to feed the one in seven hungry Americans.

Charity Navigator
, a watchdog service rating charities on their ability to help, gives Feeding America their highest-possible rating. So this might be the time to pay a little extra.

So while Slurpees are a great summer treat and not exactly what people in more wintry climes would consider competition with a PSL, this pay-what-you-want promotion helps keep some less fortunate people warm while the weather slowly darkens and the days shorten. And that's worth the brain freeze.

Plus, you know, Beyonce likes Slurpees.