THIS Is Why McFlurry Spoons Look So Weird

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
For years, we've been confounded by McFlurry spoons. Have you ever tried to use it as a straw, only to realize it's not a straw? (But, if it's not a straw why is the top part a big hollow rectangle?) Why, McDonald's, did you make us ponder this question as kids, when we were just trying to enjoy a soft-serve mixed with candy? It's enough to inspire an existential crisis.

Well, according to BuzzFeed, we're not the only ones who've wondered about the ever-elusive McFlurry spoon. And, finally, after we completely forgot about the mystery of McFlurry spoons (we can't remember the last time we had a cup of M&Ms soft serve mush), we got our answer. That's right, the mystery of the McFlurry spoon has finally been solved.

No, it's not a straw or a storage space for more candy. The spoon is actually used to mix the toppings into your McFlurry. You can see the sorcery go down in the below video.