This Korean Company Made Tiny, Weird, Adorable Crying Candles

Photo: Courtesy The Jacks.
A Korean company called Sculpy is currently crowdfunding a line of "crying" candles called The Jacks. Wait, what now? The line is engineered for "FUNNESS!" [sic] and includes ceramic deer, rabbit, and skull "holders," as well as a corresponding range of candles shaped like antlers, ears, and brains. After much trial and error, the company was able to create a product that simulates tears when the wax melts. Macabre? Maybe, but also tiny and adorable.
Photo: Courtesy The Jacks.
You can also use each "holder" for potting tiny plants if crying, headless bunnies aren't your thing. The entire line is available via The Jacks Kickstarter — the campaign is currently 355% funded with 18 days to go — and you can also follow along with the brand on Instagram.

What do you think? Are these babies too morbid for your tastes? Or are you into it? (Hypebeast)