Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 11 2015

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Buckle up, stargazers: This week’s cosmic energy could make us feel like we’re gunning our engines and slamming on the brakes at the same time. On Monday, high-octane Mars drifts into dreamy, subdued Pisces until February 19 — an oddball matchup if ever there was one. For the next five weeks, we’ll feel tired and wired at once, as if we just followed Phish on a 10-city tour or gulped down a 5-hour Energy shot after pulling two consecutive all-nighters. Surreal (or downright psychedelic) vibes aside, Mars in Pisces also brings the magic. Keep the door unlocked for the muse: There’s momentum galore for creative projects. Many artistic legends were born under the sign of Pisces: Michelangelo, Alexander McQueen, Kurt Cobain. These guys dug deep for their genius, and Mars in Pisces will give us all a chance to do the same. Romance will have a fairy-tale quality to it, and with influence from impatient Mars we could gallop off to “happily ever after” faster than expected. Are you sick of dwelling on the same painful subject (last summer’s breakup, mean girls from seventh grade…) without making progress? Like a heavenly Oprah and Dr. Phil rolled into one, Mars in Pisces can speed up emotional healing. The time has come to get over it already!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Make it a double, Capricorn! Passionate Mars moves into Pisces and your house of dynamic duos from Monday until February 19. While you win as a solo act, it can get a little lonely at the top of the charts. The time has come to team up with other superstars, even if it's just to release a single instead of recording an entire album together (so to speak). Short-term projects are probably the best bet: There’s an ephemeral quality to this Mars phase, so you won’t want to be locked into any long-term deals. If you’ve already committed to a lasting partnership, don’t despair. Just lighten up, Capricorn. Take the focus off all those practical concerns for a while and go have some fun together. Take a road trip, spend more nights out doing activities that make you laugh and let your hair down. Your relationship with a sibling, neighbor, coworker, or BFF could become strained with Mars in the picture. The issue? You need to give each other more space to “just be,” instead of micromanaging one another’s every move. This is also a stellar time to work on a writing project or even record your own podcast.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Pop on the project manager’s hat, Aquarius. Make-it-happen Mars moves into Pisces and your efficient second house from Monday through February 19, igniting an obsessive urge to organize your life. Slight bummer: This also means that Mars is leaving your sign, where it's been parked since December 4. While you’ve enjoyed the upbeat energy the red planet brought to your holiday season, there’s a good chance you’re feeling fatigued from taking on too many things all at once. As Mars flows through Pisces, you’ll have five weeks to finally get your feet back on solid ground. Be careful that you don’t go overboard with your minimalism spree, cutting out too many commitments or prematurely hauling heirlooms to Goodwill because you “just can’t deal” with figuring out how to store them. A simpler life is a good thing; a bland one is not. When it comes to your career, this Mars phase puts a fire in your belly. Be proactive about making more money. What’s the missing step: signing up for a training seminar, professionalizing your website, networking strategically in and out of the company? Do what it takes to get ahead — but be careful not to trample on other people’s turf and make enemies on your climb. Mars can make one a bit rash, too. On that note, keep impulse spending under control, but start a savings account for at least one luxe upgrade before winter is through.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Mermaid on the move! This Monday, momentum-boosting Mars makes its biannual stopover in your sign, fueling you up with premium-grade rocket fuel until February 19. The next five weeks are going to be busy, so be highly selective about what activities you place on your calendar. No mercy dates or scrap socializing, please. You’ll kick yourself when better opportunities start rolling in. Be proactive about starting projects, initiating relationships, and just taking those first steps. What you start now could pay off for two whole years, Pisces. Caution! Mars can be equal parts energizing and stressful. Biting off more than you can chew is a real risk of this Mars phase. Make sure there’s also some white space in your schedule, so you can relax and recharge. Get physical, too! Hitting the gym hard helps burn off the angst.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Welcome to The Surreal World, Aries. Life could feel a little Cirque du Soleil for the next five weeks as your ruling planet Mars decamps to your dreamy 12th house. Your imagination will be supersized now! Make art for art’s sake, critics be damned. You could develop some truly ingenious ideas during this five-week phase, but that’s not the point. This is a time of deep healing, catharsis and soulful connection to the muse. In love, you’ll wear rose-colored glasses, so keep a levelheaded wingwoman around to help you parse the players from the princes/princesses. Hold off on any huge new initiatives while Mars is parked here until February 19. Instead, focus on tying up loose ends with outstanding 2014 projects and getting rid of all the excess obligations and stuff from your life (and closets.) When Mars zips into Aries five weeks from now, you’ll be off to the races with the lightest possible pack. Bye-bye baggage; hello, freedom.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Start recruiting! Team Taurus gets an infusion of fresh blood as energizer Mars heads into Pisces and your 11th house of collaborations until February 19. Who will be the “Machine” to your “Florence,” Taurus? More can indeed be merrier — and more profitable — if you choose the right allies. Be discerning, though. With rash, hotheaded Mars fueling you on, it’s easy to leap before you look. Don’t get locked in with the wrong crew. You might actually test the waters on a short-term project to see how everyone’s energy gels. Got an idea for an app, blog, or series of YouTube vids? The 11th house is the tech sector of your chart, and ambitious Mars touring through could activate some Silicon Valley dreams. A crowdfunded business idea could also hit the big time. There’s just one caveat: Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11, which is NOT the time to launch any digital initiatives you might drum up. Develop away, or just make it your mission to spruce up your social media game over the next five weeks.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Drop your blazers off at the dry cleaners. This Monday, ambitious Mars speeds into your success sector for five weeks, gearing you up for some major career moves. You could score a glamorous client, position yourself for a promotion, or fast-track plans to become your own boss. Fortune favors the bold when Mars is in town. Err on the side of being “pushy” or “too much” rather than being polite and losing the deal. By February 19, you could have some serious bragging rights. On Tuesday, the quarter moon in Libra brightens your romantic forecast for the week. If you’ve been on the fence about a love situation, clarity will come. Perhaps you’ve been expecting too much of your amour du jour — or letting him/her get away with murder. A more balanced approach is warranted. And, while it can’t be fireworks 24/7, what can you do to turn up the heat a little? Oh baby, it’s cold outside — but, another night of Netflix is probably not what the two of you need.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Sunning in South Beach…or maybe Sao Paolo? This week you can give the homebody label the heave-ho, Cancer. Passionate Mars blazes a trail through your ninth house of travel until February 20, awakening your gypsy nature. Plan a getaway — and, be open to spontaneous ones as well. While your sign requires material security, the entrepreneurial wheels may start a-turning. Who knows? What starts off as a side job now could turn into a steady gig that gives you the freedom you crave. If you’re ready to work as an independent contractor instead of a hired gun, you might make the switch over the coming five weeks. Truth bombs, ahoy! You’ll be quite the candid one with Mars here, but some of your “I’m just being honest” riffs could hit people’s sensitive spots. Deliver your words with compassion instead of the pinch of your crab claws.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Now they see you, now they don’t. You may be the zodiac’s shameless attention whore, but for the next five weeks, you could pull a disappearing act. With lusty Mars retreating to your eighth house of seduction until February 19, the best, er, performances happen behind closed doors. Hang the Do-Not-Disturb sign and enjoy. Whether you’re cozying up to a warming, winter cocktail or furiously pounding out the pages of your forthcoming novel (or both), a head count greater than two will be a crowd. A relationship could heat up big time, and you’ll be eager to make it official. Easy now. With aggro Mars in the frame, you might not realize how much pressure you’re actually applying to a situation. This Mars cycle may also herald an “extreme makeover.” Get obsessed with having a breakthrough, even if that means spending every day at the gym, studio, or rehearsal room. Your big reveal with stun them all before the groundhog raises his head!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Come and get your love, Virgo. This Monday, lusty, make-it-happen Mars moves into Pisces and your seventh house of relationships until February 19. If you’ve been waiting for that legendary royal to gallop to your castle door, it’s time to rewrite the fairy tale. Mars favors action, so you have to at least meet the universe halfway. Climb out of the tower and make an effort to meet people who light your fire. Partnerships of every variety are blessed — and stressed — by Mars’ beams. You may actually find yourself bickering more often with the people you love most. The reason? Your relationships are evolving, and it’s time to update the way you connect to each other. In some cases, you’ll crave more closeness; in others, you definitely need space. Warning: You could find yourself attracted to the troubled types and rescue missions. Resist the urge to play savior for the next five weeks. It will only wind up bringing you down.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Are your scales a little off-balance, Libra? This Tuesday, a quarter moon in Libra helps you restore a healthy equilibrium to your life. Rest those social-butterfly wings for a few days and focus on self-care. Some alone time (or comfortable silence, at least) will restore you to whole. If a personal project got sidelined over the holidays, you can pick up the reins on it again this week. You’ll get some help from motivational Mars, too. From Monday through February 20, the red planet will pulse through your sixth house of efficiency and healthy routines. You could spend a good part of this week clearing away clutter, setting up systems, and getting overdue paperwork filed. Make time for Pilates or that boot camp exercise class. A five-week fitness challenge will keep you energized and out of winter-hibernation mode. Be more ambitious and proactive at work, too. The squeaky wheel gets the oil…AND the promotion.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Are you ready for your close-up, Scorpio? Five fame-filled weeks unfold as white-hot Mars moves into Pisces and your flamboyant fifth house until February 19. Step One: assemble your glam squad. A bold style makeover is in the stars — and, you’ll want to handle anything involving scissors, ink, or dye before Mercury turns retrograde from January 21 to February 11. Maybe it’s just a wardrobe upgrade you’re in for. If so, you’ll want to trade some of your signature noir numbers for pops of bright color and even a pattern or two. Forget about waiting for Cupid to roll into town on February 14. The fifth house is also your love zone, and with lusty Mars here, you will be in demand. Existing relationships could heat up fast — you might even put a ring on it. This is the time to put your talents on display and get your long-overdue street cred. Rock the mic, hang your art at a gallery, submit your poetry for publication — your brand of originality is what the world needs now. The only pitfall? Drama could heat up, too, so put yourself in the time-out chair when you feel your temper flare.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Put a leaf in the table, Archer. Chateau Sagittarius could soon be a lively hub of social activity. This Monday, passion planet Mars decamps to Pisces and your domestic fourth house until February 19. You’ll thrill at the opportunity to play host: from dinner parties and game nights to sleepovers with your childhood pals. Mars here may prompt a manic furniture shuffle and decorating spree — or, in some cases, a long-overdue move. Heed the warning label: Do not bite off more than you can chew with your Jonathan Adler ambitions. Map out a project plan and take careful measurements before you start swinging sledgehammers or plunk down a month’s rent on a non-returnable antique armoire that doesn’t even fit through your apartment door (yikes!). If you’ve been butting heads with a relative or roomie, that tension will reach a fever pitch. Clear the air ASAP, so you don’t burn an important bridge in a moment of “I’m so over you!” aggravation. Working with ambitious women will be lively and inspiring now. Bring on the sister acts!