Mary-Kate & Ashley: Their Best Romances

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Today, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are celebrating their 28th birthday. No matter how successful they become in their fashion careers, we're always going to have a soft spot for their film collection.
While we know what the twins are up to these days, we started wondering about their on-screen male counterparts. What exactly did Jordan do after Alex left? What became of Paolo from When in Rome? And, what do all of these guys now look like? As it turns out, an alarming number of the fictional Olsen boyfriends have been on Supernatural. Ahead, the best romantic pairings from the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, and where the guys are now.
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Cody & Ryan, Billboard Dad
Cody was instrumental in creating the billboard for Ashley and Tess' single dad. That's probably because he had a mammoth-sized crush on Tess. Ryan wasn't exactly a boyfriend, but he did become part of the crew once he foiled the Max-and-Brooke relationship. So, he gets an honorable mention.
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Cody (Rafael Rojas III) had some brief roles on Hannah Montana and CSI: NY. Ryan (Sam Saletta) has ditched his 1998 Justin Timberlake highlights and does voiceover work for video games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops.
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Jordan and Griffin, Holiday In The Sun
Madison and Alex take a tropical vaycay. Griffin's had a thing for Madison since they were kids, but has to deal with Scott, a newfound beach babe. Meanwhile, Alex has her eye on Jordan, a resort employee, and must compete for his attention with Brianna Wallace, who is the worst.
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As you can see, both Austin Nichols (Griffin) and Ben Easter (Jordan) have blossomed into beauties. Nichols has kept up his acting chops with roles in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and One Tree Hill. Easter did some acting, but branched out as a photographer.
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Sam and Alex, Getting There
Sam, an old friend, joins Kylie and Taylor on a road trip to the Olympics. They meet Alex, a famous skier. All of this is an entirely realistic plot line.
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Jason Benesh (Alex) transitioned from acting to directing and producing. He's best known for Oil Slick. Talon Ellithorpe (Sam) has the best name, ever. And, unfortunately that's his biggest claim to fame nowadays. Oh, he was also in a short film called Poop on Stillmotion, in which he says, "I poop on still motion" with a French accent.
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Jim and Trey, New York Minute
Jim, a bike messenger, and Trey, a bad-boy son of a senator, meet Roxy and Jane while the girls are trying to meet Simple Plan.
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Riley Smith (Jim) has had some minor roles. Jared Padalecki (Trey) has a starring role on the CW cult classic Supernatural, but first, he got his heart broken as Dean on Gilmore Girls.
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Greg and Richie, Switching Goals
Sam and Emma are way different (a deviation from the collections' otherwise major plot twists). Though Emma just wants to be better at sports, she eventually concedes and goes on a double date with her sister, Greg, and Richie.
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Jake LeDoux's (Richie) acting career fizzled out. Trevor Blumas (Greg) took a break from acting to form his reggae band, Staylefish. Then he acted some more. Then he went back to music and started the band Doom Squad with his sisters.
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Jean and Michel, Passport to Paris
Mel and Ally spend spring break in France with their grandfather. They end up falling for Jean and Michel, two French boys, and subsequently take many moped rides. This is perhaps the most important romantic story line, as it's the one when the girls get their first kiss.
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Jean (Brocker Way) hasn't done much acting, but he's done some composing here and there. Ethan Peck (Michel) has been acting steadily, including a role as a younger Michael Kelso on That '70s Show.
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Marcus and Adam, The Challenge
Shane and Lizzie meet these boys on the set of a reality show to win money for college. Marcus is the show's intern, while Adam is another contestant — so Romeo and Juliet.
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Brian Skala (Marcus) earned some minor roles on shows like Boston Public and Party of Five. Lukas Behnken (Adam) has been acting well beyond his Olsen days. He even had a small role on Mad Men.
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Ryan and Paolo, When In Rome
Leila and Charli get their big break in fashion as interns for a designer in Italy. Both find love interests in the CEO's nephew, Ryan, and another intern, Paolo.
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Derek Lee Nixon (Ryan) acts here and there. He reportedly has two roommates, which somehow feels important to share. Michelangelo Tommaso (Paolo) makes irregular appearances on TV, but has also earned the status of "hottest guy who was once in an Olsen twin movie."