10 Lou Reed Covers That Bring On The Feels

If there existed the right words to summarize the tone of New York, the music industry, and the cultural sphere as the passing of Lou Reed sets in, Reed would have been the one to find them. His uncanny sense of the English language and wordplay made him the poet for a generation. Little did he know that he was writing poetry for the present day, as well. It's his words and keen sense of sonic construction that pump the very heart of what we gravitate towards, day in and day out.
Patti Smith said it best in a phone interview: "So many of us have benefited from the work he has done. We all owe him a debt. Most of us that owe a debt are not very happy to own up to it," she said. "Sometimes you like to imagine that you did everything on your own. But I think with Lou that everyone will stand in line to say thank you, in their own way."
There is a saying in the music industry that can be attributed to instances like this: "When words aren't enough, sing." Expect a lot of singing over the next couple of weeks as more and more artists breathe life into that idiom, celebrating the life of man we are all, in some odd way, indebted to.
Opening Photo: Courtesy of Lou Reed.
Phish, "Rock & Roll"

Trey Anastasio, at the conclusion of this, said: "Thank you, Lou. You are the true father of rock and roll. We all are forever in your debt."