9/11 Anniversary: 5 Links To Read Today

viewPhotographed by Seija Rankin. The view from our window at 225 Broadway.
It will be a long, long time before every September 11 in New York City doesn't feel strange, sad, quiet, and somber. From the citywide moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. to the ghostly search lights filling the hole in the iconic skyline, it's impossible to forget. For us, in particular, this day has gained a new significance. Since moving to the Financial District earlier this summer, the new Freedom Tower looms right outside our windows. The 9/11 Memorial pools are clearly visible when we take breaks and look down. It's beautiful and sad and terrifying. As the whirlwind of Fashion Week continues today, we want to take a few moments to remember what was lost. We'll start our day by reading the stories of some of the more moving moments that happened that day and since (see links below). Then, after work, you might find us at nearby Jeremy's Ale House, where the walls are papered with tributes to firefighters who gave their lives to save others'.
Read stories of incredible empathy, sadness, and compassion demonstrated around the world, some who have never even been to New York. (Mental Floss)
The story of Danny Lewin, the first victim of the attacks and a passenger on board American Airlines Flight 11. (Slate)
This unforgettable New Yorker cover. (The New Yorker)
Jeff Jarvis' hauntingly detailed account of how a normal morning turned into an infamous moment in history. (Storify)
This video, which we've posted before, reminds us how even the fanciful world of fashion was effected by the tragedy. (Us)