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10 Not-So-True Lessons Learned From Friends

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    UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 19. Happy Birthday, Lisa Kudrow!

    Perhaps the most impressive part of the Friends series was that it made us feel like we were right there with them, in that oversized, Manhattan apartment no one could ever afford as a waitress, or actor, or single person who didn't start a Fortune 500 company. For 10 glorious years, we watched Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel navigate their twenties and thirties, and we'll admit it: We've used their situational comedy on more than one occasion to justify whatever bad decision is being made at the time. We say things like, "See? Rachel lived off tips for years, and she was just fine," or "I'm kind of the Joey of my group of friends: I can eat whatever I want and stay slim."

    Now, we know we're not alone here. So, we've compiled a handy list of 10 things you think are okay because you learned them on Friends — and hey, maybe they are okay. We can't answer that now, late for a date at Central Perk.

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