The Best Places To Dance In NYC—DJ Approved!

Any DJ looking to make it in the Big Apple should get ready to sweat (and not necessarily in the good way)—you're going to be faced with one of the pickiest music crowds in the country. Seriously, we New Yorkers are as choosy with our club tracks as we are with our night-out ensembles, meaning that when it comes to a much-needed night out, we better feel as smoking hot as we know we look. With boîtes and discos springing up faster than food trucks, we turned to NYC party and PR boy Matt Kays. This fashion-forward (read changing hair color and fluorescent plaid shirts) DJ, who gets how to make us move, gave us his cheat-sheet on the best places in NYC to go out and dance, dance 'til we're dead. And better now than never: Kays says he can't remember "the last time I was this excited for a summer nightlife scene," thanks to "daily releases from some of the most danceable acts in music," —think Britney, Nicki, Gaga, and J. Lo, and, on the indie tip, Foster the People, The Kills, Gang Gang Dance, and The Strokes. Lucky for your summer body, Kays took his fingers off the turntables for a hot second to give us his choice spots to boogie-down this summer in the city. TGIF!
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Soho & Tribeca Grand Hotels

"No matter what night it is, there is sure to be something fun going on at these downtown hotels. They’ve recently thrown a huge blow-out after-party for LCD Soundsystem’s final show ever, and they have everyone’s favorite DJs on a rotating roster including Mike Nouveau, Chrissie Miller, and Steven Rojas. Also, the weekend BBQ’s in the Soho Grand Yard are the best way to take in the NYC summer. As an aside / shameless plug, stop by the Tuesday Night dance party at Soho Grand’s Club Room hosted by Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman, Andrew Mukamal, and yours truly."
Soho Grand, 310 West Broadway (between Canal and Grands streets); 212-965 3000; Tribeca Grand, 2 Avenue Of The Americas (near Church Street); 212- 519-6600

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The Jane

"If you haven’t been to The Jane yet then I’m not sure what you're waiting for. The one year anniversary of Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kleigman’s re-opening is this week and no matter what night of the week it is, you can guarantee there's a dance party in the ole’ Jane Ballroom. The weekends are crazy (and fun) but I especially love Johnny Misheff’s party on Tuesday Night, and all of my friends seem to end up there on Thursdays. Added bonus: The ballroom’s gatekeepers and hosts Angelo Bianchi, Lyz Olko, and Nicollette Santos are some of my favorite people in the entire city."
113 Jane Street (at West Street); 212-924-6700.

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The Standard

With not one but two venues for all-out fun, The Standard had an almost monopoly on NYC nightlife for the city’s fashion set last summer. I’d expect that this summer won’t be any different, especially if they open up that hot tub in Le Bain again. If you want to dance all night long while taking in some of the best views the city has to offer then this is definitely your place! Plus, it's fun to try and spot their “anonymous” purveyor of all things culture, Stan D’arde—he’s like a chicer Waldo. Just make sure you’re on the list as the notoriously tough door people will move right on to the next person."
848 Washington (at West 13th Street); 212-645-4646.
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Madame Wongs

"Travis Bass and Simonez Wolf’s new spot, Madame Wongs, is not yet open every night, but on nights when it is, you should definitely make it there! Tucked away in a nondescript Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown, they bring in some of my favorite DJs including Harley & Cassie, Roctakon, Sky Ferreira, May Kwok, and Zara Zachrisson to make sure that everyone is moving. Depending on when you go, you really do hear all genres of music, and their talented DJs mix it all in perfectly."
At Madame Jobee's, 3 Howard Street (between Center and Lafayette streets); 212-941-0400.

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"It felt sacrilegious not to include one of the city’s superclubs in this group. From the minds behind Marquee and Avenue comes their latest venture, Lavo. They bring in some of the best, and most famous, DJs from around the world to ensure that everyone is having the best time, even if they are all the way uptown."
39 East 58th Street (near Madison Avenue); 212-750-5588.
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"Even if I’m not DJing Greg K. and Sophia Lamar’s weekly blowout dance party, Mousse, I find myself here almost every Saturday night. The packed crowd is mixed, though definitely gets more gay as the night gets later, and Greg and Sophia’s network of friends, DJs, and hosts make this one of the most fun parties of any night. Priding itself on playing all the best pop music to date (even if the song has just leaked a couple hours before the party starts) I can’t think of a more fun place to dance. Also check out Bedlam on Thursday night for Frankie Sharp’s 'Everything' party and Friday’s for Nicholas Kratochvil and Jordan Silver’s 'Aaliyah Tribute Party."
40 Avenue C (between 3rd and 4th streets); 212-228-1049.