8 Perfumes That Smell Even Better In The Heat

Illustrated by by Sydney Hass.
We're near the end of summer, but we all know that heat and humidity don't disappear the moment our calendars read "fall solstice." For some, it's a blessing (More summer!). For others, it's a curse (More heat!). But the reality is, we have at least another month or so of sweating our butts off. So why not smell especially fantastic while doing it?

If you've ever dabbed on your favorite scent on a very hot day only to find it either disappeared immediately, or felt way too heavy, then you know that the final days of summer call for special scent selection. Here's why:

A perfume is made of “volatile raw materials,” says Frederic Malle, Perfume Publisher at Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. Because of this, “some evaporate faster than others.” That is: Top notes disappear the fastest, the middle notes last a bit longer, and the base notes take around four hours to fade, he says. They're the “slow burners” of the bunch, Malle explains. “These are what makes perfume last,” he continues.

What exactly does that have to do with summer? Your scents are likely burning off faster, thanks to heat, making the middle and base notes of the scent you select of paramount importance. These base notes should also play well with heat and sweat (i.e., not heavy). What's more, the top notes should be fresh (to avoid a heavy feeling in the morning), so picking something that feels summery, but will still last, is key. Sound like chemistry class? Making a perfume isn't too far from that. Luckily, we've taken Malle's advice to heart and done a little shopping for you. Because honestly, it's too hot to think about all that right now.

Ahead, you'll find eight scents that all pack light-and-fresh opening notes, complex middle notes, and base notes that will smell substantial, but not heavy — which means they'll be just right when it starts warming up.