Dip-Dyed Wedding Dress? This BoHo Bride Rocked It

UPDATE: This post was originally published on March 31.
This sweet lady, Paige Lowe, is no stranger to us. She’s one superb photographer that we’ve had the pleasure of featuring here on 100 Layer Cake. She recently got hitched, had her 15-year-old intern, Jenny Markham, capture the entire day (beautifully, we might add), hit the jackpot with an ombre Martha Webb dress, and was the first couple to get married at this new Malibu treasure venue, Casa Encantada.
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Dress: Martha Webb; Suit: J.Crew.
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"My husband and I wanted to get married at a home, but we needed one large enough. We set out and searched high and wide on Airbnb, pleading with homeowners to let us use their rental as a venue for our big day! Luckily, we came across this lovely Malibu treasure, and the owners wanted to start hosting weddings there anyway! It was very special to be the first wedding on the property, and the grounds could not have been more beautiful. With a new venue comes a lot of work, though. We had to do everything from stringing our own lights to bringing in lots of vendors, but all of the effort was well worth it, and the owners were a pleasure to work with!"

Venue: Casa Encantada in Malibu, CA.
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"I fell in love with this dress year and years ago, but had only seen it on a tumblr. I scoured the web looking for it and finally found Martha Webb, a wonderful artist based out of London. I begged her to let me borrow the gown for my big day and she sent it over right away!"
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"My best friend and owner of Figgy Bakery created my amazing flower crown."
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"I put together every single flower arrangement the day before and morning of the wedding. I swear I’m not crazy. I just adore flowers and the process was very therapeutic for me!"
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Food Truck: The Border Grill.
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"Casa de Perrin’s plate collection is out of this world, and it made our dining table even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined."
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"YEAH! Rentals’ funky furniture and all of our colorful blankets really brought a lot of fun to our dance area."
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"We had a long wait from arrival time until dinner, so we snipped some little snack bags and stamped each one with our cute little arrow."
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"We really just wanted the day to feel like 'us'. When choosing a venue, we decided that we needed to be near the beach, and we had to be outdoors. Once we found the Malibu home, everything started to fall into place. Our invitations were designed by the insanely talented Rachel Bernard of Figgy Bakery. They really set the pace for the kind of vibe we were going for. They were fun, playful, and very informal. We also brought a ton of our own personal items to make the venue feel like home: photographs, vases, hankies, plates, and even furniture. Having a camping area was also very important to us, since a lot of our friends are big campers and we wanted people to be able to crash if they had had one too many! Choosing which vendors to invest in was also a huge part of our day."

Camper Rental: Happier Camper.
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Sweets: Figgy Bakery.
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Engagement Ring & Wedding Band: Michelle Oh; Table &Chair Rentals: Alex Rentals; DJ: The Flashdance.