1 Girl, 4 Looks: A Hot Local Artist Shows Off Her Creative Go-To Outfits

Multi-talented local artist Maja Ruznic is a special San Francisco breed; she’s as adept with a paintbrush and canvas as she is with a frock and baubles. To see how this über-creative lady mixes her interests in art and fashion (her mother is a vintage dealer), we hiked over to Maja’s eclectic Potrero Hill home-studio to peep her on-the-spot sartorial creations. Be sure to get inspired by her artful getups after the jump!
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How does fashion influence your art and vice versa?
"My style is largely influenced by my mother who re-furbishes vintage clothing. And as an artist, the sense of mending something that has no value and infusing it with life again is a huge part of my practice. The ball in the picture I actually made out of clothes that my mother could not redeem and I took it upon my self to make her ‘rejects’ into a piece of art. I also got this yellow vest from my mother’s collection and always knew that I wanted to wear it with a yellow dress, since I love to wear different shades of the same color together. The boots give the look a more urban feel."
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Where do you shop for your clothing?
"I love to get clothes from my mom, who sells incredible vintage clothes at various flea markets around the Bay Area. I am lucky that I often get the first pick! Aside from my mother’s closet, I also like to shop at Wasteland, Crossroads, and Buffalo Exchange. Once in a while I will find a cool gem at Goodwill. And Zara is my go-to place for simple dresses!"
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Do you have any style icons?
"I often find inspiration in artists who work with textiles and fabric. Performance artist Nick Cave is someone who I absolutely love. My philosophy on clothes is that everyone’s body is different and there is no reason why we should blindly follow trends. I like to work with what I think looks good on my body—whether or not it is in style."
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What's your philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
"I love silver jewelry and believe that more is definitely more! I am picky, however, with the jewelry I buy, as every piece has to have a story. For example, this ring with no stone is a purchase I made after graduating from college. It used to have a beautiful turquoise in it, which was destroyed after years of hand washing and showering. (I never took it off!). I like the other turquoise ring because the stone is yellow-green, as opposed to bright blue. I learned from the store clerk that this is because it never got the proper coating that would make the turquoise keep its bluish-green color and that over time, it would disintegrate. I loved the ephemeral quality of the un-coated turquoise and the idea that it was somehow damaged and would soon break due to its imperfection."
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How would you describe your style?
"Like my art practice, which is multi-media, my fashion style is also not uniform. Depending on my mood, my outfits can range from elegant to ridiculous! With this outfit I was going for a relaxed, simple, gypsy look, with minimal emphasis on the ‘gypsy’ part. I try not to make a certain aesthetic take over the entire look. And as a tall woman, I like things that make me look even taller—like this high-waisted DKNY skirt. The navy top is a flea market find that I fell in love with instantly. Overall, I like to feel sexy without exposing too much skin."
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Your hair is amazing! Do you have any tips?
"Masha Parshay is the only person I let touch my hair. She takes her time and treats every curl like it is special. Because my hair is very dry, I am obsessed with good products. I use Bed Head Foxy Curls Shampoo and Curly Sexy Hair Conditioner. I also like to put Jojoba oil into my hair after washing as a leave-in conditioner. I hardly every use a blow dryer and usually let it dry naturally. I don’t mind it when it looks a little crazy—but I do tame my beastly bangs with a straightening iron."

Readers can check out Maja's work in a group show at Million Fishes Gallery , now through Sunday, July 24th. Get more information here and be sure to stop by her live performance at the show's closing.